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Aqua MCG: Supply Chain Leadership

Aqua Management Consulting Group (Aqua MCG) is a premier advisory and execution group committed to delivering superior supply chains and maximizing business value for our clients.
Our Core Offerings are :

We provide tailored and effective solutions across industries for large companies, SMEs and startups.

Publications :

Failed companies. Rescued banks. Panicked markets. Our current economic suffering is being hailed as one of the worst of all times. With a sharp decline in spending & wealth, now more than ever, have organizations realized the need for strategic thought and structured planning. This is where cost reduction has assumed its insurmountable position... Read More

Thumbs-Down to the Global Meltdown: The global melt-down is here and the nay-sayers are all on a roll about the impending doom. Companies are looking at multiple options to manage the challenging situation that the occurrences in the global economy have put them into. Supply Chain costs therefore are of special significance... Read More

The new proposed Structure & why it is not optimum: What is being adopted in India is the dual GST structure – where a combination of Central GST & State GST will be levied separately. The manufacturer will have to submit both taxes separately, and he will not get cross-credits for the other. This is less than the optimum scenario of having a unified GST... Read More

The supply chain network of an organization is it's value delivery structure. It encapsulates physical capacities to produce and store, production and distribution constraints, fluctuations and the flow of products and resources throughout the interconnected matrix of source and consumption points. Over time the network evolves based on production... Read More

Project Management Office
Managing a large capital expenditure project with strict regulatory
constraints and compliance, environmental protection outlook,
and a huge sum of money at stake
can be a formidable task. Read more
how Aqua MCG helps clients in
setting up large infrastructure projects.

Reverse Auction:
The Art of Online Negotiation
RA are fast gaining popularity
as an online negotiation tool for
sourcing. It saves time in negotiation while providing the best market price.
Read the entire report here. 


Material Sourcing And Buying
Strategies: A Special Report
Solving the Rubik’s Cube provides a
strong analogy to implementing an
effective sourcing strategy
Read the entire report here.
Oct 2011: Aqua MCG wins engagement for a long term strategy and transformation exercise for a major  travel and tourism company.
Sep 2011: Aqua MCG wins engagement for Logistics cost reduction and process improvement for a multinational manufacturer and exporter of a wide variety of office products.
Jun 2011 : Aqua MCG wins engagement for selection of right retail formats, analysis of distribution models and network optimization for optimum distribution cost/service levels for a major steel products manufacturer.  

Jun 2011 : Aqua MCG wins engagement to program manage the implementation of 1.2 MTPA pellet plant in Chattisgarh, India.
Jun 2011 : Aqua MCG wins engagement to implement CSA distribution model and build relevant IT strategy for a leading media and entertainment company.
Apr 2011 : Aqua MCG wins engagement to optimize production and dispatch for a leading glass manufacturing organization in India.
Apr 2011 : Aqua MCG introduces multi modal logistics operations for a leading paint manufacturer in India. Brings hassle free handling of goods and over 10% distribution cost reduction to the customer.

"Job was carried out to the full satisfaction. All relevant points were covered and best effort was put in to get the desired results."
- DGM (CP), a public sector chemical company
"Thanks for your brilliant presentation and I really appreciate the work behind it"
- CEO, a large FMCG company

"We have found Aqua's engagement on the specific project to be very analytical and a practical approach. The consultants from Aqua have not only successfully been able to approach the problem from multi dimensions, they have also shown a high degree of understanding of the specific business requirements and present the way forward accordingly"
- AGM, supply chain, a large consumer durables company